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Hardscape Services


Hardscape Services


In 2003 Bluehill lawn & landscapes established a hardscape division in efforts to provide their customers with a wide range of hardscape services. Bluehill Landscapes high quality work and craftsmanship with all of their hardscape installations has helped over 100 customers enhance their outdoor living space and make valuable improvements to their home. Bluehill landscapes has the experience and industry knowledge to help each of their clients find the right type of hardscape material to meet the design needs of their customers projects. Bluehill landscapes has over 10 years of design experience and can provide their clients with detailed design plans and custom features to enhance the desired project big or small.


Masonry Services


Bluehill Landscapes offers their clients with several masonry services options such as brick work along with bluestone patios and sidewalks. Our experience with all types of masonry cements and building experience allows Bluehill Landscapes to provide their customers with small masonry repairs and large scale building needs such as concrete block work and stucco finishes.


Pearson Job



 Bluestone & CMU Installations
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 Concrete Services

 Bluehill landscapes experience with flat work and finish concrete has been the backbone of the company's hardscape services from day one. Services such as pored slabs, reinforced slabs, stamp concrete and vertical walls allows Bluehill landscapes to provide these services to both residential and commercial customers for a variety of uses within their home or business. Bluehill landscapes experience with site work and excavations for concrete footers allows them to meet all city and state codes for the installation of concrete slabs and walls.





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Segmental retaining walls and freestanding walls

Today's concrete technology takes the term retaining to a new dimension. Whether holding back mother earth, keeping water in the lake or simply adding an extension or touch of beauty to your house or business concrete retaining walls are a landscapers dream. These materials are made from environmentally safe materials and our readily available throughout the country. Bluehill landscapes has over 10 years of experience with these materials and can create a simple outdoor fire pit to and a 20 ft. vertical segmental retaining wall. Whether you need and elevated wall to install a patio extension on your home, or maybe you would like several small raised walls to allow for new or extended planting areas to enhance the outdoor living space Bluehill landscapes can help from design to completion. Bluehill Landscapes works closely with several local engineers that specialize in the design of segmental walls and the materials that Bluehill landscapes provides their customers for various retaining wall applications. Our experience with excavation and site work allows Bluehill landscapes to closely monitor backfill and drainage requirements to meet local and state codes along with industry standards. Bluehill Landscapes provides a warranty for all of their retaining wall installations to insure their customers that they are making a well valued investment to their home or business when it comes to segmental retaining walls.

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   Multi Terrace Residential Wall  

Interlocking concrete pavers, driveways, walks, patios, pool decks and permeable pavers

Bluehill landscapes experience and certified staff allows the company to provide a wide range of concrete paver installations. Bluehill Landscapes takes great measures to discuss the benefits and long term value of concrete pavers compared to asphalt or other sources of building material. With years of industry experience we spend the time to discuss colors, finishes, patterns and sizes that are available to our customers so that they can better choose what styles matches their ideas and goals for their outdoor living space.









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Slab Pavers



















 We are a proud recipient of the Eagle Bay Hardscape Hero Award!Eagle Bay hardscape hero award
 Eagle Bay hardscape hero award

   During Construction

Natural stonework

Bluehill landscapes experience with working with stone allows us to provide our customers with truly beautiful, natural stone design and installation features. While stone can blend in so naturally with plant material in a traditional landscape setting or formal garden they can also be added to a site to create a focal point of interest, such as decorative boulders. Bluehill Landscapes provides their customers with a large selection of fieldstones and building stones. Bluehill landscapes is very proud of all of our stone work projects over the years and our customers love the long lasting beauty that our stonework provides to their property.


Natural Stone Pallet


Natural Stonework, Veneer, and Aggregate Driveways, Rock Gardens

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